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So, What's Blackpool Like?

You know, the media sometimes give the coastal jewel a bad rap, but Blackpool is doing just fine! There's a fabulous (Thanks Craig & Strictly!) growing cafe culture, I can say that, as today I had the best espresso this side of Rome, at HIVE. Then a short walk and I'm further down Church St and outside Blackpool's Grand Theatre...WOW !

This impressive building was built when live shows and theatre were King, okay, so now we have the wonders of the internet but nothing beats live entertainment. Like most towns, there are a few empty units and we know how many shops are playing Russian roulette with shoppers but, drum roll please, Blackpool is holding out well. Hounds Hill shopping centre is gleaming and perfect to avoid another Beast from the East (My broken umbrella would not be spit spot enough for Mary Poppins today, I'm afraid).

On the prom, under it's answer to The Eiffel Tower, is yes, you guessed it...Blackpool Tower, a true wonder of Victorian Britain. As I look out from the 4th floor, and see the 3 piers standing firm against a sea that looks like it needs to attend an anger management course, I'm glad I popped in, the horses stand in front of their carriages, but alas, no Cinders in sight!

The stunning promenade with it's 'Comedy Carpet' is full of people from all around the world, they're holding bags of chips or candy floss and connected by Blackpool's intoxicating atmosphere, yes,  that's what it's like in Blackpool. I guarantee, you'll leave the coast with a spring in your step and a smile as bright as the illuminations.

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