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What’s the best horror musical?

We all will know Andrew Lloyd Webber’s flashy movie musical version of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ but 1993 provided some interesting alternatives.

Have you heard of ‘Cannibal the musical’? It was created by the multi award winning writing team of ‘South Park!’ In the very same year, there was the much bigger commercial hit of ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ - great plot, songs and just that extra bit of freaky.

‘Beetlejuice’ is currently wowing everyone on Broadway, but Frank Wildhorn’s ‘Dracula’ was a toothless flop and who can forget Elton John’s ‘Lestat?’ Is it still gotta be kidding, not even the marquee value of the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt ‘Interview with a Vampire’ could help seems vampires don’t last forever.

Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Sweeney Todd’ is an all time classic and the 2007 Tim Burton movie adaption brought it to a brand new audience. Another Stephen, Mr King (normally a genius) saw the Broadway version of ‘Carrie’ open on a Thursday and close on Sunday, losing millions to it’s investors.

But back to successful shows, the writing team of Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ and ‘Beauty & the Beast’ created a musical based on 50s B movies and ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ became a much loved classic. More recently, Andrew Lippa’s adaptation of ‘The Addams Family’ became a Broadway smash hit, via it’s fans from two Hollywood movies and a TV series.

Sure, there are so many more musicals on film and stage (we love ‘Evil Dead’ the musical), that aren’t covered here, so which is the best horror musical? I don’t think can answer that - so, time to go and lie in a darkened room...or a coffin.

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